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Water Safety Tips: 10 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe This Summer

Water Safety Tips: 10 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe This Summer | Cypress Custom Pools

Water Safety Tips: 10 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe This Summer | Cypress Custom Pools

Safety is the number one concern for the majority of pool owners. The water can be a very fun place to relax, but it can also be a very dangerous place if the proper procedures are not implemented. Here are 10 ways that you can help cultivate a safe and healthy place for you and your family to enjoy all summer long: 

1. Do not run around the pool. 

Kids love to run and playing around the pool seems to always lead to running around the pool. While this might seem fun, it could be disastrous. Pool decking can be slippery when wet, so be sure to remind swimmers to walk carefully around the pool area. 

2. Always lock your gate. 

When the temperatures rise, people begin to look for ways to cool off. Keep any unwanted strangers out of and away from your pool by maintaining a locked gate that leads to your pool. 

3. Kids should never swim alone. 

Almost all parents know that children should not be left unattended in a swimming pool, yet every year many children are. Help minimize the number of accidents by always having an adult present when the pool is being used. 

4. No diving! 

The kids might not like it, but it could help avoid a serious head or neck injury. 

5. Keep a first aid kit close. 

Accidents do occur, so be ready for any bumps or cuts by having the proper medical supplies close by. 

6. Properly mark the deep end. 

Make sure that you have a rope that properly divides the deep from the shallow to prevent inexperienced swimmers from accidentally venturing into unsafe territory. 

7. Maintain proper pool chemistry. 

Pool water can become unsafe if the pH levels are too high or too low, so always keep a close check on the chemical levels of your water. 

8. Proper lighting is vital 

It is a good idea to make sure your pool has adequate lighting for those late night swims. Outdoor lighting can also help you protect your backyard living environment from unwanted visitors and critters! 

9. Avoid swimming during summer storms. 

Lightening and water do not mix. Be sure to clear the swimming pool of all swimmers as soon as the sky shows signs of a summer storm. 

10. Do not drink and swim! 

Alcohol and water are a lethal combination. If you have had any alcohol, avoid swimming. Adults should also take precautions to avoid bringing alcoholic beverages into the immediate area of the pool.

Kid Friendly Pool Water Features Houston Families Love!

Kid Friendly Pool Water Features Houston Families Love! | Cypress Custom Pools

Kid Friendly Pool Water Features Houston Families Love! | Cypress Custom Pools

Are you planning to design a family recreation in-ground pool this year? There are a handful of kid friendly features that you may want to think about including in the design. It is important to keep in mind that while these options are all kid friendly, children should still be supervised in the water at all times while using them. As you begin to construct your pool plans, think about these top kid friendly pool water features Houston families are crazy about.

  1. Single depth. One of the biggest priorities for people using a pool for recreational purposes is keeping their feet on the pool floor. Both children and adults alike do not want to spend most of their time treading water while they enjoy drinks and play basketball. Many people build a traditional pool with a floor that slopes down to five feet without considering that they could build a pool with a single, shallower depth of three and a half to four feet.
  2. Hybrid pool. Hybrid pools are not on most lists of top kid friendly water features. However, they are a great choice for any family that is interested in a pool for both exercise and entertainment. An L shaped pool is an ideal option for hybrid pools as the short side can be used for recreational activities while the long side can be used for exercise.
  3. Water slide. As you select a water slide, consider the materials, weight requirements, and safety standards. A water slide should be made with high quality materials and should be able to support a maximum of 300 pounds. It should also meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety swimming pool slide standards.
  4. Diving board. Springboard diving boards are the most practical choice for home in-ground pools as they do not require as much depth or space as higher diving platforms. Springboards are available in different heights and can be adjusted to varying spring levels.
  5. Wading pool. Many families who have young children using a pool like to include a wading area. This space allows young children to join the rest of the family in the pool in a manner that is safe for them. It is not uncommon for people to build separate wading pools that they can transform for new purposes as children grow out of them. Spas and fountains are two popular choices for wading pool transformations.


What pool water features are important to you? We’d love to hear from you!

Add a Splash Pad to Your Backyard for the Ultimate Family Space!

A&A AquaPark Splash Pad Cypress Custom Pools
A&A AquaPark Splash Pad Cypress Custom Pools

Image Source: A&A

When choosing custom water features for your backyard, you probably lean towards the soothing sounds and the aesthetic appeal of fountains and waterfalls. But if you have kids, water features can be an endless source of fun and fascination. Here are our top water features that your kids are bound to get excited about!

Splash Pad

If you live in a neighborhood with a community pool, you’ve probably taken your kids to the splash pad on at least one occasion. They’re usually packed with toddlers, babies and children all fighting for a chance to stand in the water jets or stamp on the sprays. But now you can have one in your own backyard for endless hours of uninterrupted summer play! By either extending your patio or creating a separate deck area, we can install an A&A AquaPark Splash Pad system that uses 13 streams to create the ultimate backyard play area. The patented Trio Deck Jet nozzles allow you to fully customize the experience with three different spray pattern settings- Water Jet, Triple Spray, and Fun Spray. These jets are flush mounted into your deck so your kids can run and stamp and crawl without worry. We choose the A&A system over other brands because of its dependable technology, safety features, heavy duty water reservoir and easy installation.

Trio Deck Jet

If you don’t have space for a splash pad, but like the idea of deck jets, we can install A&A Trio Deck Jets on your pool deck or tanning ledge, creating a space where babies and toddlers can sit and play while the big kids splash in the pool. Because their flush mounted, you won’t even notice them when they’re turned off so they won’t detract from the design of your pool area.

So whether you want a simple water feature the kids can enjoy alongside the pool or a complete water play experience, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to discuss pricing or to schedule an installation! If you’re designing a new pool, talk with your designer about adding one of these fun water features to give your kids hours of outdoor water fun!

Top Kid Friendly Water Features

While some people will install a pool for themselves, the vast majority of pool owners choose to build a pool because they have children at home and the kids love to swim. Swimming is not only a great exercise for the family; it is also a great way to get everyone out of the house and experiencing nature. If you have children, then you probably have many different questions regarding the safety of pools and the many different features that we offer. It is important to note that not every option is considered child friendly. With that in mind, here are a few of the water features we offer that are kid friendly and sure to please.

Fountains are always a great choice for the pool. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, fountains are fun to walk through and they are about as safe as it gets when water is involved. Fountains can be placed in the pool itself or they can be placed on the deck. If the fountain is placed on the deck, it is often referred to as a deck jet. Deck jets typically shoot water in an arch directly into your pool. Fountains that are inside the pool will have a similar effect to a jet in a hot tub, except our fountains will push the water higher.

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Another great kid friendly water feature is a waterfall. When choosing a waterfall, it important to understand that we never recommended that a child walk or dive off of the waterfall. With that in mind, our waterfalls can be built in the shallow end or the deep end of your pool, and they can be added to any existing pool as part of a remodeling project.

Perhaps the best water feature for most kids is a water slide. The slide not only allows the kids to get wet, but it also allows them to experience the pool from a different perspective. Slides are very fun and your experienced pool builder can help you make sure yours is as safe as possible.