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Pool Landscaping Ideas for Your Woodlands Backyard


Stone landscape

As a homeowner, you are always looking for the next great way to add ambiance and beauty to your home. You may spend countless hours choosing the right colors for your walls or meticulously care for your flooring, so it would seem only natural for you to spend the same amount of time working in your yard. Your landscaping is the first thing that people see when they arrive at your home, and it is also the first thing that you will notice when you walk outdoors. As a pool owner, the right landscaping choices can make or break your pool design. To help you along, we’re offering some pool landscaping tips to help you get your backyard looking beautiful just in time for pool season!

Before Planting, Think About Watering

First, we all understand that the Woodlands sun is not always kind to our bushes or trees. High temperatures and lack of rain can really wreak havoc on vegetation, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your pool landscape remains lush and lively. Modern sprinkler systems are the easiest solution for making sure that plants and grass stay green and healthy. But making the right plant choices can also make a big difference. Choose plants that are indigenous to our area. They have naturally adapted to our weather and precipitation, so they are more hardy and require less babysitting.

Know Your Boundaries

Natural stone is a great way to add boundaries and beauty to your yard. A great idea for your swimming pool area would be a natural stone water feature. This might sound complicated but it really only requires the right materials and some experienced helpers. If DIY doesn’t appeal to you, we can install a custom stone feature for you. Just ask one of our designers!

Invite the Good Guys to Your Yard

Nothing ruins a beautiful evening outdoors like flies and mosquitoes. But you can keep down the mosquito population in your backyard attracting helpful predators. Dragonflies, Purple Martins, frogs, Damselflies and even bats are common mosquito predators. Invite them to your yard by installing a chemical-free pond for toads, dragonflies and damselflies- put a few stones in it that they can bask on, a gord house for martins, and a bat house. (Bats feed at night- you’ll probably never know they’re there!)

Choose Slow-Growing Varieties

When choosing larger border plants like palms and shrubs, choose slower growing varieties with shallow root structures so that they don’t take over your poolside or endanger your pool’s foundation.

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder | Cypress Custom Pools

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder | Cypress Custom Pools

A Houston swimming pool is a big investment, the largest that many homeowners make aside from their home purchase. Before trusting a pool builder with your budget and backyard, put them through the paces to ensure they are a trustworthy and experienced Houston pool builder. There are many different qualities you may be looking for in a builder, but these are six things that every homeowner needs to know before choosing their Houston pool builder:

1. Insurance is Important

When you decide to have a pool installed at your home, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of things going wrong. Water lines can be ruptured, power lines can be cut, and issues could persist. While it is a pool builder’s job to keep these issues to a minimum, it is reassuring to know that your pool contractor is properly insured in the event that it is needed.

2. See What Other Houston Homeowners Have to Say About Them

Always research the reputation of your Houston pool builder. This is not the time to take risks or to employ inexperienced workers, so do your homework. Visit popular business listing and review sites Yelp! or Angie’s List, check to see if they have a rating with the Better Business Bureau, and look at their Facebook page to see if comments or Reviews have been left there. This research takes about 30 minutes online, but can save you big heartache (and money!) down the road.

3. Recognition and Association Means Something

Has your potential pool builder been recognized for their work? Have they been awarded recommendations based on their designs or customer service? The answers to these questions should play an important role in your ultimate decision. Ask if they are a member of any industry associations. Industry associations often have strict criteria and rules of conduct that they hold members to. Active involvement in an industry or trade association also shows that they are interested in keeping up with the latest pool industry changes, trends and technology.

4. Experience

When it comes to building a new swimming pool, there is no substitute for experience. Experience allows the pool builder to be prepared for any potential problems that could arise. When you are investing thousands of dollars into your home, you do not want to be a new builder’s learning project.

5. Equipment

Does your potential pool builder have the tools and the manpower to undertake your project? It is very important to qualify all potential candidates in this area since having the best help and tools for the job is essential in ensuring quality and avoiding delays.

6. Attention to Detail

A pool builder is only as good as the ears that they have. A quality pool builder must be willing to listen to the customer, deliver what the customer desires, and work within the confines of the proposed budget.

Outdoor Lighting Trends for Long Winter Nights

Outdoor Lighting Trends for Long Winter Nights | Cypress Custom Pools

Outdoor Lighting Trends for Long Winter Nights | Cypress Custom Pools

There is nothing that sets off a new design quite like a great set of lights. These outdoor lighting trends have the ability to pull an outdoor space together while completely transforming the overall look and feel of an area. Having the right lights in your Conroe backyard space is as important as choosing the right furniture or even the right water and fire features. The lighting that you choose will tell a story about your space and your taste. Have you given much thought to the type of outdoor lighting that you would like to have? 

One of the most popular lighting features is the accent light. This type of lighting is not meant to shed copious amounts of light, but it is instead designed to merely showcase the property and the landscape. Accent lights are great around sidewalks, flowerbeds, and swimming pools, or for showcasing a specific feature in your yard such as a flag, a statue, or a water feature such as a waterfall. 

Another great lighting feature that looks amazing in the winter is the torch. Torches can be run on propane gas or with oil and a wick. The great thing about torches is that they are very versatile, meaning they can be used as the main lighting source or as accent lighting. If your torches are fed by gas, they will be fixed in place and thus rendered stationary. 

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle, then rope lighting might be the right option for you. Rope lighting can be placed in areas that hide the rope but not the light, so it is a great option for trestles and archways. It is also a great way to light an arbor without having gaudy fixtures displayed. Rope lighting is relatively inexpensive and adds a bit more elegance to your area. 

Regardless of the direction that you take with your outdoor lighting scheme, always remember that the right lighting will make the difference. Take the time to study your outdoor space so that you will be better suited to make the right decision regarding your outdoor lights.