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Family Fun Pool Features

Family Fun Pool Features | Cypress Custom Pools

Family Fun Pool Features | Cypress Custom Pools

Your pool is a perfect place for you and your family gather for fun family moments, so why is it that so many families fail to use their pool for family time? Your swimming pool has many different options and they all offer unique ways to enjoy family fun. Here are a few that we love.

Water Slides

The water slide is one of the biggest attractions for younger kids. They love the feeling of the fall and are encouraged by the fact that these slides are usually placed in fairly shallow water. Try spending a few minutes with your kids on the slide. It might just help you reconnect with your childhood!

Diving Boards

Diving boards are also a great family fun feature. The diving board is not for everyone, but for those that can swim well, it is the best part of the pool. The diving board also offers a chance for great diving competitions.


Another great feature of a family pool is the spa area. There is nothing quite like going from the warmth of the spa to the coolness of the pool. (Always make sure that kids are well attended in the spa- while it is more shallow it is not a baby pool and still poses drowning risks.)


Waterfalls are also a great family fun feature for your swimming pool. They add beauty and function all in one. Waterfalls also allow the kids to plunge under the water while letting parents enjoy the peaceful sound of flowing water.

Volleyball Net

When it comes to family fun in the pool, there is nothing that beats a volleyball net. Playing water volleyball is not only great exercise, but it is also a great way to spend more time with your family.


Bubblers are upward facing water jets placed in shallow pool areas. The jet breaks the water surface in a fun, bubbling fashion that kids and babies love! You can backlight them with colored lights to add to the fascination!

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

Every year millions of dollars are spent on updating Cypress homes and rebuilding garages, but how much money are you investing into your swimming pool and spa area? This portion of your home was a large investment, so why would you sit by and allow time to rob it of its usefulness and prestige?

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool is Easier Than You Might Think!

When it comes to remodeling your existing pool, there are several options that you should consider. Some will decide to replace the pool all together, however this is an extreme approach and very often not necessary. The majority of our clients are interested in removing a certain feature or adding a few others.

See Your Old Pool in a New Light

Our pool remodeling clients are amazed at how changing your pool lighting can completely transform your pool design. By backlighting water features, adding modern lighting effects to your pool or spa floor, installing deck lighting to create atmosphere, or even updating to colored LED lights in your pool can all make a huge difference in the look and feel of your pool.

Spruce it Up with Water Features

Did you know that you can add a new water feature to your existing pool? Water features are amazing additions that can really transform your pool and your surrounding landscape. The majority of our remodeling projects deal with standard pools that are no longer meeting the needs of the family. In some cases the pool could have been installed as a base model, and the owner now desires a more luxurious pool. By adding the right water features in just the right locations, your pool can go from bla to beautiful in a matter of days!

Decking- Your Pool Design’s Frame

Just as a painting or picture is improved with the right frame, you can change the style or feel of your pool by updating your decking. If you are interested in changing the decking that surrounds your pool, we can help. Not only can we transform the look of your pool by changing the color of the patio, we can also beautify the existing decking that surrounds the pool. We could install decorative concrete, slate, or brick; the options are truly limitless.

Upgrading or Repairing Your Pool Surface

If your pool surface is cracked, damaged or discolored, you’re probably already interested in pool resurfacing. But you may not realize the drastic change a new pool surface can bring to the look and enjoyment of your pool. With so many pool surface options available today, your pool surface can make water look more brilliant and dazzling and improve the swimmer experience with silky smooth glass or stone pebbling under foot.

Structural Changes

While structural changes are not as common, they are certainly possible and can significantly improve your pool design. Perhaps your pool was originally installed with kids in mind, and is now too small or basic to give you the resort pool experience you’re looking for. We can change the shape, size and depth of your pool to give you the design that best suits your needs and lifestyle now.

All of these changes are real possibilities and may be more affordable than you realize. There is nothing about your pool that we cannot improve. We are proud to handle all aspects of the design and installation and stand by the quality of work. Call us today for a free pool remodeling consultation!



Meta Description: Give your Arizona pool a facelift this summer with a few simple remodeling projects. Here are some ideas to help you remodel your pool to make it more attractive and functional for the whole family.

Top 5 Pool Surface Options in Cypress

Top 5 Pool Surface Options in Cypress | Cypress Custom Pools

Top 5 Pool Surface Options in Cypress | Cypress Custom Pools

Cypress swimming pool owners can choose from multiple beautiful, durable pool surfaces. While it is nice to have a lot of choices, the selection process can be a little overwhelming, particularly when you don’t have a lot of information. The following list includes the top 5 pool surface options with details about each one that will make the decision process simple and straightforward.

Standard white plaster

While trendier options may come and go, classic white stays on the top 5 pool surfaces list throughout the years. You’ll get a traditional pool aesthetic with white cement and white marble aggregate. It is important to remember that throughout the lifespan of white plaster, it will change in appearance from minor staining to marked cracking. As standard white plaster has a softer finish that many other pool surface options, it is one of the most susceptible surfaces.

100% quartz

When combined with white cement, 100% quartz makes for a highly durable surface. There are additional quartz formulations on the market such as 50% and 75%. However, it is best practice to use 100% quartz for pools. It is available in a wide range of colors from vibrant blue to soft tan.

Gemstone pebble

Gemstone pebble surfaces have small, smooth river pebbles throughout the surface. These surfaces have a natural appearance that many people find aesthetically pleasing. Gemstone pebble is also known for being highly flexible and dependable. As river pebble stone material is chemically dormant, there is a very small chance that it will react with pool water and undergo changes in appearance.


Hydrazzo surfaces are made of colored and white marble aggregates, graded color aggregates, white Portland cement, and additional helpful materials to produce a high strength of cement. Hydrazzo surfaces are available in a unique palette of colors and have a naturally varied aesthetic as well as a natural resistance to topical stains, spot etching, algae adhesion, and permanent scale.


Beadcrete surfaces combine small reflective clear glass beads with selected colored quartz. The quartz mirrors the light under the surface of the water, producing a bright sparkling finish. The effect is beautiful during the day and absolutely breathtaking at night under pool lights.

It is important to keep in mind that all pool surfaces are submerged in water, which means that they are exposed to water chemistry conditions over time. While durability varies for different finishes, all surfaces require basic maintenance to prevent deterioration.

What is a Variable Speed Pump and Should You Invest in One?

IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump | What is a variable speed pump?

Image Source: Pentair

What is a variable speed pump exactly?

As a pool owner, you want to make sure that your pool is running as efficiently as possible in terms of energy usage and costs. When it comes to pumps, a variable speed pump can be a cost saving option to consider. A variable speed pump is a pump that runs at more than one speed. There are many different brands and types, some of which run at two or three speeds all the way up to those that offer eight different speeds. Some of the pumps are even programmable, which makes them a cost effective choice in the long run for many pool owners.

The decision of whether or not to purchase a variable speed pump is not an easy choice for most pool owners. Unfortunately, though most brands of variable speed pumps are a good option when it comes to long-term savings and energy efficiency, the upfront costs can be much higher than traditional swimming pool pumps.

Should You Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

The first thing you need to look at when considering a variable speed pump is your energy bill. If you are spending more than you think you should to keep your pool pump going and to heat your pool, consider making a switch to a variable speed pump. Since these pumps run at various speeds, they will use less energy than a traditional pump that may run at full speed all of the time. This change could reduce your pool energy costs by 50%!

The other factor to consider is the upfront cost of a variable speed pump. Since there are many different brands and types on the market, it may seem difficult to do a cost comparison, but they can be more expensive than a traditional pump. The trade-off may be worth it though when you look at long-term savings versus initial cost. Another factor that may be the deciding one for you is that a variable speed pump is much quieter because of the new technology. There are a lot of factors to consider, but if you can swing the initial cost, a variable speed pump is a great purchase.