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Cypress Pool Construction: Gunite vs. Shotcrete

Cypress Pool Construction: Gunite vs. Shotcrete | Cypress Custom Pools

Cypress Pool Construction: Gunite vs. Shotcrete | Cypress Custom Pools

These two words might not mean a great deal to the vast majority of the population, but to those in the pool building community or anyone researching Cypress pool construction, these are very commonplace. There are many misnomers and a lot misinformation regarding these materials, and the largest cause for this is a lack of knowledge about the materials. In an effort to help shed some light on this topic, we are going to give you a brief introduction to each of these.


Shotcrete is not a different building material, but instead a different variation of standard concrete. While traditionally-poured concrete is the most common form used in the pool building process, this is not always the best option. In many cases, shotcrete is a much better option simply because it cures into a harder final state and it forms a more water-tight base.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is concrete that has been mixed with much less water. Because of the lack of water, shotcrete is applied by spraying the material onto the surface. Due to it’s dry properties, shotcrete is better equipped to bond to a vertical surface such as a swimming pool wall.


Gunite is also a different variation of a standard concrete mixture. Much like shotcrete, gunite is a very dry mixture of concrete that must be applied with a spraying tool. However, unlike shotcrete, it is not mixed completely at the concrete facility. Gunite is actually mixed on the job site with the assistance of the special spray nozzle. Since the gunite is mixed inside the spray gun, it allows for the mixture to be very dry. This eliminates long curing periods and allows for the work to progress much more quickly.

Both shotcrete and gunite are great building materials, and each has a benefit over regular slab concrete when it comes to new pool construction. Perhaps the greatest benefit for each of these materials is the ability to avoid large expansion joints. While expansion joints will still be needed, the expansion joints that you see will be much smaller and less likely to leak water.

How to Choose the Best Location When Building a New Pool

How to Choose the Best Location When Building a New Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

How to Choose the Best Location When Building a New Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

Are you planning on building a new pool in the near future? Choosing where it should go is an important decision, and one you should consider carefully. Keep these factors in mind when select that perfect spot.

What kind of fence and gate do you need for the pool?

As many communities have regulations for fences and gates on properties with pools, this will be the first of the 5 things to consider when choosing the location of your new pool. If there are not set regulations, it is best practice to install a fence that is a minimum of five feet in height and that includes a gate which opens outward, is self-closing, and has a latch that small children cannot reach. The pool location should be able to accommodate these features.

Who is going to be using the pool? Will this dynamic change in the future?

Is your pool primarily going to be used by little kids playing, by adults swimming laps, or is it primarily for outdoor entertaining and aesthetics? Do you have elderly or physically handicapped swimmers that will want to have easy access to the pool? The use of the pool often dictates the size and shape, which can affect the location. Don’t forget to consider how these needs may change in the future. For example, do you anticipate having children and/or grandchildren using the pool down the line?

What type of events will you be holding with the pool?

Are you going to have lots of family gatherings with little kids or are most of your parties adults only? Do you want the pool to be in close proximity to other yard features such as a patio? These decisions can all affect the location of the pool.

How are you planning to use the rest of the yard?

Some people are fine with having a pool that takes up the majority of a yard. Other people have plans for the remainder of their yards such as gardens, porches, and play equipment.

Do certain areas of the yard gather more foliage in the autumn and winter months?

This can be a consideration if you don’t want to be constantly fishing leaves and debris from your pool. While pool covers will help protect your pool when not in use, overhanging or nearby trees can make pool cleaning and water chemistry more difficult even in the summer months.

What areas of the yard get the longest hours of sunlight?

Many homeowners building a new pool want to find a location that receives sunlight throughout the day. But keep in mind that long hours of full sunlight will cause pool water evaporation. This will mean keeping a closer eye on water chemistry and topping up your water level more often.

Where will your pool be located and what concerns do you have? We’d love to hear from you.

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder | Cypress Custom Pools

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Houston Pool Builder | Cypress Custom Pools

A Houston swimming pool is a big investment, the largest that many homeowners make aside from their home purchase. Before trusting a pool builder with your budget and backyard, put them through the paces to ensure they are a trustworthy and experienced Houston pool builder. There are many different qualities you may be looking for in a builder, but these are six things that every homeowner needs to know before choosing their Houston pool builder:

1. Insurance is Important

When you decide to have a pool installed at your home, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of things going wrong. Water lines can be ruptured, power lines can be cut, and issues could persist. While it is a pool builder’s job to keep these issues to a minimum, it is reassuring to know that your pool contractor is properly insured in the event that it is needed.

2. See What Other Houston Homeowners Have to Say About Them

Always research the reputation of your Houston pool builder. This is not the time to take risks or to employ inexperienced workers, so do your homework. Visit popular business listing and review sites Yelp! or Angie’s List, check to see if they have a rating with the Better Business Bureau, and look at their Facebook page to see if comments or Reviews have been left there. This research takes about 30 minutes online, but can save you big heartache (and money!) down the road.

3. Recognition and Association Means Something

Has your potential pool builder been recognized for their work? Have they been awarded recommendations based on their designs or customer service? The answers to these questions should play an important role in your ultimate decision. Ask if they are a member of any industry associations. Industry associations often have strict criteria and rules of conduct that they hold members to. Active involvement in an industry or trade association also shows that they are interested in keeping up with the latest pool industry changes, trends and technology.

4. Experience

When it comes to building a new swimming pool, there is no substitute for experience. Experience allows the pool builder to be prepared for any potential problems that could arise. When you are investing thousands of dollars into your home, you do not want to be a new builder’s learning project.

5. Equipment

Does your potential pool builder have the tools and the manpower to undertake your project? It is very important to qualify all potential candidates in this area since having the best help and tools for the job is essential in ensuring quality and avoiding delays.

6. Attention to Detail

A pool builder is only as good as the ears that they have. A quality pool builder must be willing to listen to the customer, deliver what the customer desires, and work within the confines of the proposed budget.

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool | Cypress Custom Pools

Every year millions of dollars are spent on updating Cypress homes and rebuilding garages, but how much money are you investing into your swimming pool and spa area? This portion of your home was a large investment, so why would you sit by and allow time to rob it of its usefulness and prestige?

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool is Easier Than You Might Think!

When it comes to remodeling your existing pool, there are several options that you should consider. Some will decide to replace the pool all together, however this is an extreme approach and very often not necessary. The majority of our clients are interested in removing a certain feature or adding a few others.

See Your Old Pool in a New Light

Our pool remodeling clients are amazed at how changing your pool lighting can completely transform your pool design. By backlighting water features, adding modern lighting effects to your pool or spa floor, installing deck lighting to create atmosphere, or even updating to colored LED lights in your pool can all make a huge difference in the look and feel of your pool.

Spruce it Up with Water Features

Did you know that you can add a new water feature to your existing pool? Water features are amazing additions that can really transform your pool and your surrounding landscape. The majority of our remodeling projects deal with standard pools that are no longer meeting the needs of the family. In some cases the pool could have been installed as a base model, and the owner now desires a more luxurious pool. By adding the right water features in just the right locations, your pool can go from bla to beautiful in a matter of days!

Decking- Your Pool Design’s Frame

Just as a painting or picture is improved with the right frame, you can change the style or feel of your pool by updating your decking. If you are interested in changing the decking that surrounds your pool, we can help. Not only can we transform the look of your pool by changing the color of the patio, we can also beautify the existing decking that surrounds the pool. We could install decorative concrete, slate, or brick; the options are truly limitless.

Upgrading or Repairing Your Pool Surface

If your pool surface is cracked, damaged or discolored, you’re probably already interested in pool resurfacing. But you may not realize the drastic change a new pool surface can bring to the look and enjoyment of your pool. With so many pool surface options available today, your pool surface can make water look more brilliant and dazzling and improve the swimmer experience with silky smooth glass or stone pebbling under foot.

Structural Changes

While structural changes are not as common, they are certainly possible and can significantly improve your pool design. Perhaps your pool was originally installed with kids in mind, and is now too small or basic to give you the resort pool experience you’re looking for. We can change the shape, size and depth of your pool to give you the design that best suits your needs and lifestyle now.

All of these changes are real possibilities and may be more affordable than you realize. There is nothing about your pool that we cannot improve. We are proud to handle all aspects of the design and installation and stand by the quality of work. Call us today for a free pool remodeling consultation!



Meta Description: Give your Arizona pool a facelift this summer with a few simple remodeling projects. Here are some ideas to help you remodel your pool to make it more attractive and functional for the whole family.

Top Pool Surface Trends In Cypress

image from archive

image from archive

Lets have a discussion about something that you might not have ever considered before. If someone were to ask you about your favorite pool surface, how would you respond? Many people would stare blankly while others would just admit that they have no idea what is being asked of them. While the pool surface has nothing to do with the decking surrounding the pool, although this is a great discussion to have as well, it has everything to do with the materials that are used on the walls and the floor of your swimming pool.

The majority of commercial swimming pools will utilize a concrete pool surface. Concrete is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of pool surface. However, there are several other options that you might not be aware of. A growing trend in the city of Cypress is a tile surface. This is a throwback to yesteryear, but it is a tried and true surface that offers real beauty and notable durability. One of the things that sets tile apart from other surfaces is the amount of design and color options that are available.

Still another great option for your pool surface is vinyl. Vinyl is a tried and true surface that has completely revolutionized the pool industry. Whereas concrete was once the standard for all pools, now that title belongs to vinyl. Vinyl has the ability to fit in almost every pool, it offers amazing durability, and it is cost effective. Did I mention that vinyl has many different color options? Not only does vinyl offer the traditional blue surface, but it also offers many designs and colors.

Have you noticed the newer designs in the area? Some of the more advanced pools are beginning to utilize pebbles in their pool surface design. This is a relatively new idea, but it is making a huge impression on the pool market. Pebbles have been used for many areas around the pool but using them as a pool surface is a surprise that offers unmatched color and design choices. If you are looking for something new and exciting, this might be an option you should consider.

What is a Variable Speed Pump and Should You Invest in One?

IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump | What is a variable speed pump?

Image Source: Pentair

What is a variable speed pump exactly?

As a pool owner, you want to make sure that your pool is running as efficiently as possible in terms of energy usage and costs. When it comes to pumps, a variable speed pump can be a cost saving option to consider. A variable speed pump is a pump that runs at more than one speed. There are many different brands and types, some of which run at two or three speeds all the way up to those that offer eight different speeds. Some of the pumps are even programmable, which makes them a cost effective choice in the long run for many pool owners.

The decision of whether or not to purchase a variable speed pump is not an easy choice for most pool owners. Unfortunately, though most brands of variable speed pumps are a good option when it comes to long-term savings and energy efficiency, the upfront costs can be much higher than traditional swimming pool pumps.

Should You Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

The first thing you need to look at when considering a variable speed pump is your energy bill. If you are spending more than you think you should to keep your pool pump going and to heat your pool, consider making a switch to a variable speed pump. Since these pumps run at various speeds, they will use less energy than a traditional pump that may run at full speed all of the time. This change could reduce your pool energy costs by 50%!

The other factor to consider is the upfront cost of a variable speed pump. Since there are many different brands and types on the market, it may seem difficult to do a cost comparison, but they can be more expensive than a traditional pump. The trade-off may be worth it though when you look at long-term savings versus initial cost. Another factor that may be the deciding one for you is that a variable speed pump is much quieter because of the new technology. There are a lot of factors to consider, but if you can swing the initial cost, a variable speed pump is a great purchase.

5 Houston Pool Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off

5 Houston Pool Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off | Cypress Custom Pools

5 Houston Pool Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off | Cypress Custom Pools

For most pool owners, having a swimming pool means much more than just being able to go for a swim whenever you want. There is a lot of maintenance involved in owning a swimming pool no matter what size the pool is and where you live. While a pool owner may do all of the work to keep a pool well maintained, there will be times when a pool will need repairs. Some basic repairs you will be able to do on your own, but when you are not able to fix the problem on your own, it may be time to call in a professional. Certain issues can lead to serious problems if left too long. Here are 5 [Location] pool repairs you should never put on the long finger.

1. Suspected Pool Leak

The first type of repair that requires immediate attention is a leak in the pool. There are many different places from which the pool may be leaking. If you are not familiar with the workings of the pipes, you will need to call in a professional to find out which part of the pool is malfunctioning and to fix the issue before it gets worse. You will also want to call a professional to help if you have a torn liner or cracked pool surface. This is a very common problem as a pool ages, and one that will needs attention as soon as possible.

Poor Pool Filtration

Problems with the pool filtration system are also on the list of issues that will need attention right away if you want to keep swimming in your pool. The filtration system keeps the water clean and safe for swimmers, so if it is not working properly, it will need immediate attention. You must also make sure that all air bleeders are working properly. If you suspect an issue, get a professional to take a look immediately as it is definitely a safety issue if air pressure builds up in the unit.

Cracked or Damaged Light Fixtures

With recent reports of pool electrocutions, pool owners are becoming more aware of the risks posed by older pool lighting. Damaged pool lighting covers and fixtures could be letting water into the wiring posing serious safety risks to swimmers. If you notice water inside a pool light cover, notice an underwater lighting fixture that is cracked, corroded or damaged, or experience flickering pool lights, remove all swimmers from the pool immediately and call a licensed electrician to investigate and repair the issue. Do not allow access to your pool until an electrician has verified that it is safe. If you have a pool cover, cover the pool while waiting as an added precaution. You can never be too careful when it comes to electrical wiring- especially in your swimming pool.

Ozone: A Safe Alternative to Chlorine

The all familiar chlorine smell has become synonymous with childhood summers. Who doesn’t remember falling asleep after a long day at the pool with the smell of chlorine still radiating from their hair? But recent studies in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia and Belgium have caused concerns over whether exposure to chlorine is safe for children. With fears of asthma, lung damage, and cancer looming, many pool owners are looking for a safe alternative to chlorine. Most often that alternative is ozone.

Ozone for Pool Sanitation

Ozone naturally sanitizes and purifies pool water, killing harmful bacteria and viruses and oxidizing oil, make-up and other contaminates for a beautifully clear and safe swimming environment. The benefits of ozone over chlorine are numerous. It’s safer for swimmers, odorless, and does not corrode pool equipment, extending the life of your pool system. So while the initial investment is higher, the long term benefits make it more cost effective over time.

Making the Switch is Easy

Making the switch from chlorine to ozone is easy. By installing an A&A QuikPure 3 ozone oxidation system in your pool, you can reduce your use of chlorine and bromine by roughly 90%. The longer your ozone system is running, the less chlorine you will have to use. While you will probably always maintain some level of chlorine and bromine in your pool to ensure around the clock sanitation, ozone removes the unpleasant and harmful effects of chlorine, making pool water gentler on swimmers and on your pool system. No more noxious fumes, itchy skin or red eyes!

Installing a QuikPure3 ozone system is quick and easy. Give us a call to discuss pricing or schedule an installation- you could be enjoying the benefits of an ozone pool this weekend!


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